July 22, 2019 · 1 minute read

New Order Form

Coming Soon! The admin order form in Box Office is being completely reimagined!

Flexible to Your Needs

Collect full billing information so you can easily contact ticket-buyers with a major event change or future event marketing.

Or disable all unneeded fields for faster processing to keep the line moving as the crowd arrives. * Check your processor’s requirements for billing info.

Order Form with and without Billing Info

How to Customize

Admin accounts with edit permissions can enable, disable, or require parts of the form. From inside your event, click Order Settings > Admin Order.

Menu Location of Order Form Settings

Where Will it Be?

Same place as before. Once the new design is launched, you can access it by finding an event and clicking Actions > Place Order.

Look for another notification in your menu bar as development continues!

Location of Order Form